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The Main Technical Factors to Examine when Acquiring a Rosin Press Machine

I am confident that the word ‘rosin’ is one you have come across severally, especially if you have dealt with varnishes and adhesives before. Have you seen some thick, translucent viscous yellow fluid that has glue-like properties, in a varnish factory maybe? The above may not be a detailed characterization of what I’m precisely talking about, but it will help you get a vivid understanding for now. Well, I will have you know that which I speak of is rosin. They say good things tend to come from some bad sources in some cases, and as unpleasant as rosin is, it is widely used in making adhesives and inks. Being that rosin has certain financial advantages, you can start reaping form it by purchasing a machine to aid in its extraction. What you will be looking for is a rosin press machine, and there exist many different kinds in the market. This article is your guide through some of the technical considerations that you need to examine before you go about purchasing a rosin press machine.

The first technical parameter has to do with the rosin press machine plates. You need to have long and narrow rectangular plates if you want to maximize the production from the extraction procedure. With rectangular plates, you are able to maximize the perimeter to area ratio. Having a greater perimeter means that there will be more room through which the rosin can escape once pressed. By using narrow plates, the rosin pressed out will move through a smaller distance from the center of the bag with the material to the ages. The narrow plates will thus prevent any cases of rosin decomposition due to heat.

The other fundamentally important consideration is pressure. A majority of people want to apply intense pressure then expect to get the best rosin out there. This is not wise since the pressure element is dependent on moisture, and the age and type of material being pressed. Overdue pressure will push specific unwanted lipids and pigments into the rosin hence affecting quality. You should go for a rosin press machine with solid construction in terms of sustaining pressure within the desired range throughout the extraction process.

Finally, look into the issue of heat. The matter of heat can’t be understated since you can’t do without it yet in excess it cause more harm. By making sure that heat is distributed evenly, you can keep heat from causing damage to the rosin. Heat is responsible for causing rosin flow by reducing viscosity. To enhance heat distribution, there must be proper placement of heating coils. Therefore, before purchasing the rosin press machine, discuss with the seller as to where the heating coils have been placed and whether these positions will bring about even heat distribution.

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